Ctra Palma Andratx nº 41 bj,
Portals Nous Calvia Baleares
Telephone: (0034) 971 675072
Fax :       (0034) 971 676758
e-mail: info@agotediez.com.

Our Services.

Civil Law

Declaratory, executive and special proceedings
Succession, inheritance and wills
Road traffic and civil liability
Contracts in general
Urban leasings
Horizontal Property; Communities of Owners

Property Law

Acquisition and conveyancing of Real Estate
Urban leasings
Horizontal Property; Communities of Owners
Land registry
Advice on legal position with regard to properties,
charges, mortgages

Commercial Law

Business advice to individuals and corporations
Incorporation, Acquisition, Dissolution and Winding-up of companies
Amendments to articles of association
Processing of entries in the registers; Registration and Deregistration in the Inland Revenue
and Social Security

Tax Law and Accountancy

Court proceedings
Tax Inspections
Taxation. Registration and Deregistration of Businesses
Account Books
Annual Accounts

Labour Law and Social Security

Registration and Deregistration in Social Security
Conciliation and arbitration and legal proceedings
Attendance at Labour and Social Security Inspections
Preparation of Payrolls

Family Law

Arrangements with regard to children
Guardianship and Custody, Maintenance, Visits in favour of the grandparents
Marriage contracts
Matrimonial Economic Regime Settlement


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